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Get the perfect lawn and call our turf suppliers!

You could seed it but why keep your garden off-limits for three weeks when you could invest in a brand new stretch of turf that will be ready to lay within 12 hours? It's time to contact Turf Direct Scotland in Edinburgh.

Turf Suppliers: Welcome

The right turf for your property

We provide a comprehensive turf solution at Edinburgh Turf Direct Scotland. Every care is taken when it comes to the turf we produce and we make sure that it's in the right condition before we ever let it leave our premises. With our professional approach, you know that everything will be handled in the right way and we also provide a  professional full installation service and free quote and site survey so you know what's involved and that the turf supplied will fit to a tee. There's no minimum order from 1 square meter and upwards , we'll be able to accommodate. All turf is harvested on the day of delivery. 

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It's good to be on our turf

Edinburgh Turf Direct Scotland is 100% family-owned meaning that you're never just a number on our spreadsheet. With over 50 years of combined experience in the turfing business, we've developed a solid reputation in the area and are one of the go-to experts when it comes to quality turf.

Why our suppliers?

  • Family-owned operation

  • 50 years' combined experience

  • Professional team

  • Free quote and site survey for installation 

  • Carefully cultivated and harvested turf

  • No minimum order

  • 100% quality

  • FREE quote and site survey

  • Available for collection

  • We can deliver it too!

Cut Wood

We also supply firewood logs

In addition to homegrown turf, we supply quality firewood logs, as well. Get in touch with us if you need firewood logs. We will be happy to help.

Turf Suppliers: Services

You can have quality turf ready for use within 12 hours. Start the process and call our team on 01968 673853 today!

Turf Suppliers: Price Quote

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